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Let us help you “Tell-Your-Vision”!

Remaking a classic TV show for the big screen or small?
Need to verify particular character or story mythologies for any project?
Working on a classic TV documentary or any media-geared film or production?  
Need pop-culture research or writing assistance in general for any script in any genre?
Then contact Pop-Culture Consultants.
Pop-Culture Consultants is an entertainment consulting firm established by writer/producer Herbie J Pilato (author of top-selling media tie-in books, such as Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, and Twitch Upon A Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery.  
Pop-Culture Consultants works with film studios, TV networks, production companies and independent producers, writers and actors - with specific regard to nostalgia-oriented projects, including adaptations, remakes or reboots of classic TV shows as feature films or new TV editions.  
Pop-Culture Consultants also partners with entertainment professionals developing and producing documentaries for the big-screen or small, as well as for the "extras" on various DVD releases of classic TV shows or classic films. 
Our clients include film studios such as Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, as well as TV networks including Bravo, TLC, Syfy, and A&E, among other media organizations. 
Whether for the big-screen or small, the live stage or the printed page...with original ideas or reimaginings - of music, performance or the written whichever creative venue you choose, Pop-Culture Consultants will help you celebrate your vision – as we help you tell-your-vision.
Call or email today:  (310) 480-0067  -

The 411 on P.C.C.

"Herbie J Pilato is a scholar of popular culture. He creates insight where there is none. He is the premier author of books about specific television shows that have affected a world-wide viewership. Among his numerous works, he is the author of the only true account of the Kung Fu series ever written...Herbie J Pilato is the go-to guy for a clear and accurate understanding of viewing history and future trends. He IS pop-culture."
 - Ed Spielman, Creator,
Kung Fu (ABC), The Young Riders (ABC), Dead Man's Gun (Showtime, MGM)

 Herbie J Pilato was invaluable as a Creative Consultant on the Six Million Dollar Man DVD collection which Giant Interactive authored. His passion and knowledge of great classic TV shows was a huge help in the development of ideas for the additional VAM created for the collection. Herbie J helped turn this project into a great success.”

- Jeff Stabaneu, Owner, Giant Interactive

Herbie J’s background in film and TV speaks for itself.”
 - Ricky Powell, Supervising Network Associate Director, NBC Universal

 “For a feature Entertainment Tonight segment I produced about Elizabeth
Montgomery and Bewitched, Pop-Culture Consultants provided incredible
research, contacts, ideas and inspiration.”

- Dan Weaver, Creative Director, Barmont Productions

Friday, July 8, 2011

Full List of Clients


TV Guide Network (100 Moments That Changed TV, five-part series)
A&E's (Biography)
The E! True Hollywood Story
Entertainment Tonight
TLC's (Behind the Fame specials)
Bravo's (100 Greatest TV Characters, five-part series)
Syfy's Sciography


The Six Million Dollar Man (NBC Universal)
Bewitched (Sony)
Kung Fu (Warner Bros.)
CHiPs (Warner Bros.)
Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.)


Nora Ephron's Bewitched (Sony)


Mod 3 Productions
Red Wagon


Taylor Trade Publishing
BearManor Media
Tapestry Press
St. Martin's Press


Sci-Fi Entertainment
Sci-Fi Universe
Electronic House
Retro Vision
Classic TV


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